Tune Book

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"Carly Blain's Tunes" is a brand new tune book from Carly Blain.

You can buy the book online here,
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31 toe-tapping tunes

With titles like...
- Choppy Waters
- Witches
- Come on Fingers
- Lexi Tilley
- Isle of Muck Three Legged Race

And inspirations for each tune...


I composed this tune in 2nd year at Newcastle University while studying the Folk and Traditional Music Degree.  It was inspired by the Tam O’ Shanter poem by Robert Burns, the part where the witches pull the tail of Meg the horse!

Paige Nairn

This is a jig I wrote for my lovely Godchild & niece Paige Nairn. We play this a lot with Highline, the Kelso band I teach.  Paige has her own style, is full of character and enjoys joining in the concerts.

And images to match the tunes...

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